Why do care leavers need our help?

Care leavers are young people who have spent some time in local authority care before their 16th birthday. That might be in a foster care placement, children's home or other accommodation. Time in care can have a lasting impact, and care leavers often lack the support that other young people would have at the start of their adult lives. 

Care leavers are supported by the local authority, but there is only so much the council can do. WithCare aims to fill the gap between what the council provides and what these young people need. 

One of our volunteer champions Phil Morris explains a little more: 
"I work for Hull City Council at Room 42 within the Guildhall. Room 42 is where young people (Care Leavers) go to access support to move towards independence. We provide a range of activities and programs to develop relationships and build self-esteem/confidence to help young people move on into education training and employment. I work with a team of young people who help to ensure young people access support and services from the Hull City Council and it partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors . We believe that young people can achieve great things with the right support and encouragement. With your support and with help from With Care Hull, bring together additional avenues of much needed support from the community and start to provide some amazing opportunities for young people to develop and grow into successful Adults." 

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